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Interview with Erik Rico | UPLFTMNT

Interview with Erik Rico

Erik Rico

Erik Rico is a music producer, singer, and songwriter well-known for his work in Hip Hop, Nu Jazz, and Future Soul music.  He’s also a huge inspiration to me personally. Erik recently took the time to discuss his thoughts on God and faith.

Many artists who believe in God openly deal with pressure from both sides – some fans don’t like them to talk about God, and others think they aren’t religious enough.  As an artist of faith, do you struggle with pressures like that when you want to talk about God?

In many ways it can be a struggle and has been at certain times in my past. As I’ve matured it’s mattered a lot less to me about pleasing the masses, and more about answering what I perceive to be my calling as an artist and spiritual being. So I just go with what feels right for myself and always attempt to glorify God without prejudice or restraint.  Simply put, I have an understanding of where my talent and opportunities to express them come from so I honor that without compromise.

How would you describe your faith and what you believe?

I would describe my faith as open spirituality to all things peaceful, truthful and unifying of all people. Religious separation at times can be a bit much for me so I’ve found over time to simply subscribe to one God for all.

I’m a firm believer in active faith – belief in God and His grace and love driving our daily lives, and how we treat each other.  How does what you believe guide how you live?

I believe that if there’s is no barometer of belief and or faith in your life one can be easily led astray so I try to always be mindful of my actions as they sffect others and to treat all people with respect.  Faith definitely drives every aspect of my life and always will…

And how does your faith inform your music?

Growing up in the church and always being surrounded by the gospel I can’t help but include positive messages in my music which goes back to knowing and understanding where exactly my talents, abilities and opportunities come from.  One of my mantras is “always inspire and be inspired”.

I’m thinking in particular about songs like “My Prayer” and “Wonderful” – very much about upliftment in challenging times, right?

Correct sir, those songs and many others in my catalog all come back to one common source which is having a sense of faith and belief no matter the circumstances, and for me personally my faith is where I always go and hope to always reside. Funnily enough I’ve writiten and recorded songs that people thought were about lovers or women when in fact they are about my love and appreciation for God.

What’s your wish for people who are searching for some sort of spiritual direction in life?

My wish for them and for myself is to not search but to seek… to seek your truth on your terms; love yourself enough to not limit yourself; respect the views of others and look to all things that glorify God, the God in you, and to always work for the unity and true spiritual freedom of all people!

Erik, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about God and faith.  I wanted to ask you about music too.  I know you’ve got a busy year already under way.  Can you tell us a little about your current music projects?

Currently our very first project (released Feb 5th. 2013) “So Sexy” from artist GUS (Belgium) is out and doing very well thanks to the support of so many independent DJs, radio, blogs, e-zines, social media and the public!  We’re very thankful for the response and the continued support. Next up from our brand LifeNotes music for the 2nd quarter are :

Erik Rico feat. Taihisha – single (House)
Lifenotes Sound System – single (Dance hall / Roots & Culture)
Erik Rico – EP (Future vintage Soul / Blues / Jukebox)

Releases on various labels :

Max Kane feat. Erik Rico – “Lift Up (Space And Time) (TBA)
I,Ced – “Go Hard” (Fat Beats)
N8N – “Satisfaction Guaranteed” (TBA)

Others TBA soon.

Thanks for the opportunity to speak on such a broad and often controversial subject. Just wanna enjoy my journey as peacefully as possible….

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