Interview with Erik Rico

Erik Rico is a music producer, singer, and songwriter well-known for his work in Hip Hop, Nu Jazz, and Future Soul music.  He’s also a huge inspiration to me personally. Erik recently took the time to discuss his thoughts on God and faith.

Peace Go With You Brother

When we wish each other peace, there’s a context. We say “peace” to each other inside our churches when the world outside is at war. We say “peace be with you” when we may not get along all that well. We greet our friends with the word “peace,” when our homes may be filled with

Finding gospel – and the Gospel – in unusual places

I love finding gospel in songs by artists who otherwise make so-called secular music. These songs dance across the line from simply soulful to surprisingly spiritual, and they can speak to people in ways that traditional worship music can’t. These songs evangelize, whether their composers intend them to or not, because they can spark the

Can you love your enemy with an AR-15?

Can you be Christian and pro-gun? Or maybe a better question is: can you love your enemy with an assault rifle? There are many political and legal arguments on both sides of the gun control debate. But for Christians this debate matters less, if at all, than the question of whether or not we take

John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

John Coltrane begins the liner notes to his 1964 opus, A Love Supreme, with praise and testimony: Dear listener: All praise be to God to whom all praise is due. Let us pursue Him in the righteous path. Yes it is true; ‘seek and ye shall find.’ Only through Him can we know the most